Feedback from our patients

"I recently was unfortunate enough to need a spinal fusion. I decided to research “medical tourism”. While I researched each hospital and surgeon around the globe, I slowly crossed each one off the list, until I found my perfect match. Dr. Sandeep Vaishya at the Fortis medical research hospital in Gurgaon, India. I honestly did not know how great of a choice until I met my liaison “Seema Grewal” from Global Care. Seema is one of those rare people who possess a skill set that happens to be the perfect combination for her job. I don’t know how she does it, But I know she has multiple clients at any given time, but makes you feel like her single most important client ever. she fought for me on several occasions, she read my entire itemized hospital bill and actually was able to get a thousand dollars knocked off plus an upgrade to a great room. A room that would easily cost a thousand or more a night in the US. Her English is perfect and a doctor herself. That allows her to be a fierce advocate in your corner. It doesn’t matter what procedure you are considering. I believe you would be missing a great opportunity to overlook India and if you do choose India’s cutting edge technology, world renown surgeons, and internationally acclaimed hospitals. Request Seema as your liaison, I promise there is not one better than her in the entire medical tourism industry."
Brent Miller, Oklahoma, USA
"I would like to point out the professionalism of Global Care. They exactly know how to deal with patients with full compassion and care."
Yuryev Gaspar, Russia
"Big thanks to global care for all their help in making my mom pain free. She had a problem of hip pain and it was difficult for her even to walk. Now she is able to do move without pain."
Mr. Nazar Mohammad, Afghanistan
"Hospital suggested by Global Care provided unparalleled services. It came as a pleasant surprise for my family when we saw how good the hospital was."
Earnell Miles, Canada
My father was waiting for a long time for kidney transplant. Global care took the matter into their own hands and suggested some doctors for this operation."
Kayin Dereje, Ethiopia
"I am glad to have been blessed with you guys at Lavanya Medicare. Thanks to you, my mother is now recovering well from her chronic hip pain"
Jonathan Smith
"Hats off to your patience and networking, saved us time as well as resources so that we could focus more on the well being of my sister."
Mary James

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