Spine Total Disc Replacement, TDR is also termed as Artificial Disc Replacement or ADR. It is one kind of arthroplasty. The artificial discs must be approved by the national medical authorities and are usually made up of a combination of plastic and metal or only metal. This surgical procedure is performed to replace the lumbar or lower spine or cervical or upper spine with an artificial device for the disc. The procedure can cure and provide relief to the severe low back pain, chronic low back pain and also cervical pain that is usually caused by diseases like degenerative disc diseases. An alternative intervention for the same disc herniation symptoms include the cervical disc replacement and also are associated with the hand and arm symptoms.

TDR or ADR is developed and chosen to be an alternative to the traditional spinal fusion process. It provides pain elimination or reduction, still, the motion is allowed throughout the spine. Another advantage of TDR is, the premature breakdown can be prevented at the adjacent levels in the spine, which is a potential risk present in the spine fusion surgery.


When the disc gets deteriorated, the result will be decreased functionality and pain. The reason for total disc replacement, either for cervical or lumbar discs is the breakdown of the downs and may cause because of various reasons like,

  • Injury from sports
  • Injury from accident
  • Genetic predisposition
  • Natural breakdown with age and time


Therapy and injections. When these conventional non-surgical treatments fail, the final alternative would be surgical treatment. When the disc is worn out, the treatment recommended would be non-surgical treatment, like pain medication, physical

Surgical Procedure for Lumbar and Cervical Spine Artificial Disc Replacement Lumbar spine artificial disc replacement is the replacement of the lower back of the spine and cervical spine artificial disc replacement is the replacement of the upper back of the spine. For both these surgical procedures, an anterior or front incision is made and certain imaging is used to mark the target disc. The injured disc or degenerated disc would be removed with the help of the specialized tools. Then the exact right fit is checked with the help of trial spacers. After checking the best right fit, the appropriate and the right fit artificial disc will be placed. It makes us specialized delivery devices and perfectness is achieved. The placement appropriateness is then double-checked by using final x rays and then confirm. After the procedure is performed, the incision would then be closed to absorbable stitches.


Traditional treatments employed for the worn-out disc problems are usually, spinal fusion or sometimes welding of the broken two bones. Spinal fusion usually gives beneficial results like dramatic improvements in the symptoms for pain and thereby improving the overall quality of life. However, there is a drawback associated with this treatment that there may be abnormal stress developing for the disc, present below and above the fusion, because of the loss of motion resulted at the levels of fusion. It leads to the premature breakdown of the bone. It would create the development of pain and thereby need more procedures and treatments.

Total disc replacement treatment, when selected at the appropriate symptoms and done for only the selected cases, provides all the positive results of the surgical fusion, at the same time the motion in between the vertebral bodies are also be preserved. It would thereby lead to the stress to be minimized at the nearer or adjacent levels of the disc. So, there would be hardly any chances for the breakdown, though with the time.


Spine Total Disc Replacement Package: $7500-$9500

The above package cost is a tentative package, which includes initial investigations & specialists screening, stay in a room wherein the patient’s assistant or relative can also stay with the patient, doctor/surgeon fee, nursing care, medicines & consumables, airport pick-up & drop.

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