Spinal Tumor Removal

Package: $7000-$8500

Tumor is the mass formed by rapid growing cells, which have no physiological function and the mass gathered becomes abnormal. Though it does not perform any physiological function in the human body, the derivation of its nutrition is continued from the body. Tumors can be developed anywhere in the body and the tumors that are developed in the spine or spinal cord are called spinal tumors.

Spinal cord is well covered or encased by a protective tissue layer, which is called as meninges. This spinal cord is well protected and covered within the protective vertebral column.

Types of Tumors

The tumors developed in the spine can be either primary or secondary. Primary tumors are formed from the cells that are originated from the tissues of the spine. Secondary tumors are originated from the other parts of the body, which are traversed or spread through the bloodstream.

Other classifications of tumors is also done. According to this classification, the spinal tumors are,
• Intradural-extramedullary tumors, found and seen within the meninges layers, which are well covering the cord of the spine.
• Intramedullary spine tumor, which is found in the substance itself of the spinal cord
• Extradural tumors, which are found in between the vertebral body and meninges

Most of the spinal tumors occurring in the spine are the extradural spinal tumors.
Other classifications of the tumors include according to the cancerous cells. These tumors are usually classified to be benign and malignant tumors. Usually, the tumors that are originated and grown in one place or part of the body is called benign tumor. So, benign spinal tumors are the tumors, originated and grown at the same place in the spine. The other kind of tumor is malignant tumor. These tumors are usually originated in one place and the same tumor cells are spread to the surrounding parts of the body, flowing through the bloodstream, and these are cancerous cells. Most of the tumors start to be benign and later will become malignant.


• Difficulty to walk and sometimes falling down
• Loss of bladder or bowel function
• Decreased sensitivity to the cold, heat and pain
• Loss of sensation in the legs
• Muscle weakness found in the legs
• Back pain that spreads or radiates towards the surrounding parts of the body
• Back pain becoming worse during nights


Treatments that are used for the treatment of the spinal tumors are many.
Radiotherapy – Patients, who have malignant tumors, are administered with the radiotherapy treatment. The involved segment present in the spinal cord is applied with the radiation along with the surrounding segments below and above the involved segments.
Steroids – Administration of steroids is done, in cases there is spinal cord compression evidence is present. The inflammatory reaction in the surrounding areas can be reduced with this treatment. It tends to decrease the volume that impinges the spinal cord, though it does not affect the mass of tumor.
Surgery – Surgery is performed with the objectives of histologic diagnosis, pain relief and tumor local control.

Spinal tumor removal minimally invasive surgery is performed with very small incision made over the spine, leaving minimized complications and improved and faster recovery.

After the spinal tumor removal performed with minimally invasive surgery, the pain that is caused from the spinal tumor will be reduced. Spinal stability can be obtained from the restoration and preservation of the neurological function. The localized tumor can be removed with minimal damage happening to the spinal cord and spinal nerves. The neurological deficits that are persistent can be well treated and cured by this procedure. Spinal stability can be obtained by the curing vertebral bone destruction. The neurological problems associated with the tumors can be well cured.


Package: $7000-$8500

The above Package Cost is a tentative Approximate Package Estimate, which includes initial investigations & specialists screening, stay in a Private Room wherein patient’s assistant or relative can also stay with patient, doctor / surgeon fee, nursing care, medicines & consumables, Airport Pick-Up & Drop.

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