Deep Brain Stimulation

Deep brain stimulation surgery is the surgical treatment proposed to perform the implantation of the brain pacemaker medical device in the brain. The device is designed and developed to send the electrical impulses to some of the specific parts present in the brain. There are many therapeutic benefits found from the DBS procedures, for selected brain regions…

Brain Tumor Removal

Lumbar corpectomy or anterior lumbar corpectomy is a surgical procedure, which is performed for spinal decompression. The damaged tissues and vertebrae that cause the pinch of the nerve roots are removed with the help of this procedure. The spine will then be stabilized with the help of a cage or graft by inserting in the spine. Apart from this objective, anterior lumbar corpectomy is performed also for the correction of spinal deformities so…

Shunt Surgery

During shunt surgery, a thin tube called a shunt is implanted in the brain. The excess cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in the brain flows through the shunt to another part of the body, usually the tummy. From here, it’s absorbed into your bloodstream. Inside the shunt, there’s a valve that controls the flow of CSF and ensures it doesn’t drain too quickly. You can feel the valve as a lump…

Venous Angioplasty

A Venous Angioplasty is a non-surgical procedure, which can be performed during a venogram to open or bypass narrowed veins to prevent clotting. Venous angioplasty can also be used for the placement of a stent, which keeps a vessel or tissue in an open position to allow a bypass of scarred tissue and improve blood flow. For a venous…

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