There are many kinds of bariatric procedures, which are done for weight loss through surgeries. Some of these surgeries are performed to restrict the amount of intake food that is taken at one time and some of the procedures do limit over the absorption of the total calories. LSG or Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy is one kind of surgery that restricts the amount of intake of the food by reducing the size of the stomach. It does not lead to decreased nutrients absorption or does not involve a bypass of the intestines. The procedure is irreversible. Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy is performed for the children also as pediatric patients. It is performed for adolescents too. The procedure is safe and effective.

The LSG weight loss procedure involves reducing the size of the stomach to 25% of the size it had originally along its greater curvature. The resulting structure of the stomach will be a tube or sleeve-like structure. The reduction of the size of the stomach is permanent.

Achieving weight loss through LSG

LSG makes the candidate feel full after eating even a small amount of food that is taken at one time. The feeling of full will be achieved quickly and the feeling is continued until many hours after eating. LSG also leads to a decrease in appetite. It is done by reducing the hunger hormone that is produced by the stomach. The feel of full after a long time after eating a small amount of food and a decrease in appetite will contribute to weight loss.


LSG is performed through laparoscopy. The procedure is started by making small incisions into the abdomen. The procedure is performed through a video camera, which is acted by laparoscopy. There are also long instruments used in this procedure. The stomach is left unused by leaving a gastric sleeve or tube to be narrowed. The surgery does not touch the intestines to be bypassed or removed. The procedure takes one hour to two hours of time for completion.

Sometimes the procedure is performed as a two-stage procedure. The first stage procedure is done for the first time and the following second-stage procedure is done after 1 year to 18 months of duration. When it is done in two stages, the risk of anesthesia is reduced and also significant weight loss can be achieved.

At times the LSG is done as a part of another surgical procedure. The decision to be done intraoperatively is usually because of the excessive size of the liver, extensive tissue scar that would lead the gastric bypass surgical procedure to be unsafe and long.

Risks and Complications

The common risks associated with the laparoscopic procedure are:
  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Injury to the nearby organs
  • Need for conversion to the open procedure
  • Leak of the stable line, though it is rare
  • Vomiting
  • Blood clots
  • Sleeve leaking
  • Nausea and aversion to the food
  • Damage may cause to vagus nerve that could lead to constant nausea
  • Esophageal pain or spasm
  • Gastroparesis, because of the delayed movement of the food from the stomach towards the small intestine


Weight loss of 40% to 70% can be expected after the surgery, depending on the preoperative weight and preoperative conditions of the patients.


Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy Package: $5000-$7000
Hospital stay approximately 3 days & 7 days in country

The above package cost is a tentative package, which includes initial investigations & specialists screening, stay in a room wherein the patient’s assistant or relative can also stay with the patient, doctor/surgeon fee, nursing care, medicines & consumables, airport pick-up & drop.

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