LAGB or Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding is a surgery performed for the weight loss. A band is placed around a band in the upper area of the stomach. It creates a small pouch for holding the food. The band created helps to limit the food amount taken by the candidate. So, the small band makes the feeling of a full even smaller amount of food is taken. Once the surgery is done, the band is adjusted so that the food is passed quickly or slowly to the stomach.

Need for surgery

When the candidates are severely obese for 5 years or more and cannot lose the weight through the exercises and diet. Selection of the candidates is done based on BMI, which is preferred to be between 18.5 to 25. The procedure is recommended when the candidates have the BMI as 40 or more than 50. It means men having overweight of 100 pounds and women having overweight of 80 pounds, compared to the ideal weight. Alternatively, if the candidate has a BMI of 35 or more, but have serious medical conditions that could be improved through the loss of body weight. Some examples of these serious medical conditions are heart disease, sleep apnea, high blood pressure or type 2 diabetes.


  • Before Surgery

    When weight loss surgery is performed, there are increased chances of risk for the gallstones. So, it is recommended by many doctors that cholecystectomy surgery is needed to be performed before the weight loss surgery is performed. Cholecystectomy surgery is used to remove the gallbladder.

  • Surgery Procedure

    The surgery is started with general anesthesia and so the patient asleep and does not feel the pain. A tiny camera is used to pass into the belly and placed there, in the surgery. The surgeon can see the internal view of the belly. Small surgical cuts are done on the abdomen. These cuts are used to place the camera and also other surgical instruments to perform the surgery. The surgeon places a band over the upper part present in the stomach. The band then separates the lower part. Then a small pouch is created with a narrow open that goes towards the lower and larger part of the stomach. The surgery does not need any incisions or staples done inside the belly. The procedure is completed in 30 to 60 minutes usually.

  • Post Surgery

    LAGB is not a quick fix solution for obesity to lose weight. It is a slow process that can change the lifestyle of the candidate to a greater extent. After the surgery is performed, exercise is needed to be regularized. There may be complications happening after this surgery and also may result in poor weight loss.

  • Risks and Complications

    Risks associated with the anesthesia could be breathing problems and allergic reactions to the administrated medicines. Risks associated with the surgeries are blood clots, loss of blood, infection, stroke and heart attack.

    The common risks associated with the gastric banding surgery are:
    • Gastric band eroding through the stomach (when it happened, the band must be removed.)
    • Poor nutrition
    • Slippage of the gastric band partly from its place
    • Gastritis, stomach ulcers or heartburn
    • Flip of access port upside down
    • Scar forming on the external area of the belly
    • Injury to the intestines, stomach or other nearby organs
    • Sleeve leaking
    • Vomiting after eating, when had more than the pouch in the stomach can hold


    Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding Package: $7000-$9000
    Hospital stay approximately 3 days & 7 days in Country

    The above package cost is a tentative package, which includes initial investigations & specialists screening, stay in a room wherein the patient’s assistant or relative can also stay with the patient, doctor/surgeon fee, nursing care, medicines & consumables, airport pick-up & drop.

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